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Personal service: Koh Samui Taxis

When arriving on the island via Koh Samui Airport or Nathon Pier - it can become overwhelming! That’s why we’ve developed our services with travelers in mind, to make it as stress-free as possible. With over 20 years’ experience on the island, understanding your needs has been our main focus. Within this blog, you’ll understand how Koh Samui Taxis has become the number one choice for people visiting Koh Samui.


Instant WhatsApp

We live in a world where everything has become quicker and more efficient. At Koh Samui Taxis, it was important for us to have the highest level of customer satisfaction and reduce the confusion for customers when booking with us. When we introduced the new feature, the aim was to increase personalization of our services, while also having the instant communication for our customer needs. WhatsApp allows customers to share their exact location, update any bookings that you have made and to always be online for the duration of the customers trip to Koh Samui.

Bespoke services such as private hire, island tours and long distance journeys are priced upon request through WhatsApp. Our English and Thai speaking booking managers have an average response rate of under 2 minutes to ensure you have a prompt service and a smooth transaction.


Booking Online

Many customers want to book in advance and pay upfront before they arrive. We have developed a booking system that includes all our services where you can add multiple trips and book ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Customers receive a booking confirmation via email, along with a follow up message from one of our booking managers to assist you with any queries you may have.


Name Cards

Collecting your luggage, gathering your friends and family and leaving the airport or pier is enough to organize without trying to locate your taxi or transfer. At Koh Samui Taxis, every driver has their own branded sign with your name to ensure we are easy to find as soon as you exit the airport or pier. Having this personalization eliminated the confusion for customers of not being able to locate their taxi and jumping in the wrong one.


Return Customers – Thank you!

In July 2023, we saw record breaking numbers for return customers, a new record that we aim to beat in the upcoming high season in Koh Samui. Providing a reliable, efficient and fixed price taxi service in Thailand. We’ve learnt that this can be hard to find, but this is where our customer care and service begins to stand out. Within the month we saw one customer return for 9 bookings during their 5 day stay, the bookings included one of our exclusive 8-hour island tours. Another customer booked an air-port pickup for their arrival and for their departure, a long distance trip to Phuket with ferry price included.


At Koh Samui Taxis, what we offer is extensive and adaptable to suit the customers need but our standards will always remain professional and efficient. For any bookings please contact our booking managers via WhatsApp or place your booking online.


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