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The FAQs at Koh Samui Taxis

How can I book a service with Koh Samui Taxis?

You can book a taxi or transfer service with Koh Samui Taxis through our online booking system or via WhatsApp. We recommend booking through WhatsApp if you need a taxi within 24 hours of booking. 

What are the booking options available? Can I book online without paying cash?

Yes! We offer convenient booking options where you can book online without the need for cash payment in advance. You can book online through our website, no payment required until your journey. Please note that for bookings over 4 people, you will require a VAN, and the additional charge is 200 THB. 

Can I book a taxi instantly through WhatsApp? How long will it take for the taxi to arrive?

What is the maximum waiting time for a taxi after making a booking?

Our maximum waiting time for a taxi after making a booking is typically within 15 minutes.

What types of services does Koh Samui Taxis offer?

Koh Samui Transfers offers a variety of services including airport transfers, one-way and return journeys, half-day private driver service (4 hours), and full-day private driver service (7 hours).

Can I book a half-day or full-day private driver for a specified duration?

Yes, you can book a half-day (4 hours) or full-day (7 hours) private driver to suit your specific duration requirements. Please contact our team on +66 99 206 6714.

Are airport transfers available? How can I arrange an airport pickup?

Yes, we provide airport transfers. You can easily arrange an airport pickup by making a booking online or through WhatsApp. 

Are there any additional charges or fees? 

We pride ourselves on offering fixed pricing for your needs. The only additional charges you will see are for the VAN bookings (for 4+) people. You can see all fixed pricing in our WhatsApp catalogue. Please see our T&C's for more on additional charges. 

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