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Koh Samui Airport (USM) -  
'The most beautiful airport in the world'

Koh Samui Taxis holds the exclusive rights and takes great pride in serving Koh Samui Airport (USM) with Airport Taxis for arrivals and departures. Whether we welcoming you to the island with a handwritten sign or being dropped off for a departing flight, we will ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and to the highest standard. 

Booking a Koh Samui Airport Taxi

To book a Koh Samui Airport Taxi for arrival or departure there are two ways to book conveniently. The first option is to use our online booking system where you can pre-book in advance and receive a fixed price with email confirmation of your booking. Secondly, you can speak to us directly through WhatsApp to arrange your Koh Samui Airport Taxi and we will answer any questions about your transportation.


Arriving at Koh Samui Airport

After your flight, you arrive at Koh Samui Airport and getting to your accommodation becomes the last step on your journey. We understand the excitement and we want to make the final step as easy as possible, that's why one of our drivers will be tracking your flight arrival online and will be waiting for you at the meeting point at the far left exit with a written signboard, ready to welcome you to the island. Typically it takes 15-20 minutes to receive your luggage and head to the exit zones. 

To check flight status view the schedule


Choosing the right vehicle

VIP Vans: 

Our luxury air-conditioned vans can seat 7-8 people with space for luggage or additional items such as prams. These vehicles are perfect for families or groups and a 2nd vehicle can be arranged to carry any extra luggage. 



Our SUVs seat up to 4 people and have boot space for your luggage. These vehicles are ideal for couples or solo travellers. 


If you are unsure which vehicle will be required for your booking, speak to us directly on WhatsApp and we will match the right vehicle for your journey.

When departing  from Koh Samui Airport

Depending on international or domestic flights, 2 hours is always the standard recommendation to arrive at the airport. However, they are more lenient for domestic where you can arrive 1.5 hours before. We recommend arriving slightly earlier to take in the surroundings and relax before boarding your flight.

Journeys from your pick-up point to Koh Samui Airport range between 10-35 minutes. If you are staying in Chaweng this would approximately take 10-15 minutes, Bophut 15-20 minutes and Lamai 25-30 minutes. Our drivers have years of experience and will find the quickest route to Koh Samui Airport so you have more time to relax.

To check flight status view the schedule

Koh Samui Airport Information

Koh Samui Airport is primarily an outdoor space with outdoor lounge areas plus free complimentary drinks and snacks it has quickly become a traveller's dream to visit. Owned and operated by Bangkok Airways, this privately owned airport has been serving travellers since April 1989.  Bangkok Airways envisions Koh Samui Airport becoming a premier international hub, complementing Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. To achieve this, they plan to expand direct flights for medium-haul routes and enhance connectivity to destinations such as Dubai, Shanghai, Bali, and Kuala Lumpur. With Hong Kong and Singapore already on the list, we are excited about the future of Samui Airport and its ability to elevate travel experiences for all who journey through its gates.

To check flight status view the schedule

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