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Koh Samui Taxi, Transfers & Taxi Apps.

You’ve arrived at Koh Samui Airport or Nathon Pier to embark on a trip of a life time in Koh Samui. Every trip needs to get off to a great start and that begins with getting to your hotel or accommodation as quickly and easy as possible. This is where Koh Samui Taxis have you covered! Within this blog we will explain the different vehicles on the island, taxi apps and hotel transfer options.


Taxi Services: The Lifeline of Koh Samui

As you arrived at Samui International Airport or Nathon Pier, you’ll be greeted by a fleet of taxis waiting to whisk you away to your chosen accommodation. Be aware, drivers can take advantage of tourists entering the island and make up their own prices. To solve this problem, we made sure that all our prices are fixed for taxis and transfers on Koh Samui.


Vehicles of your choice

Taxis are the primary choice of transportation for tourists on the island due to the safety, speed and most importantly the air-conditioning. Obviously, mopeds are everywhere and using them can be an alternative but these are mainly used by the locals to get around the island.

At Koh Samui Taxis we have a range of vehicles depending on your request. We would recommend anyone arriving in Koh Samui Airport to use a van as this vehicle has the space for all passengers, luggage and anything extra you have brought for your trip. When you are settled into Koh Samui you may only require an SUV to explore the island, such as trips from Chaweng to Lamai or Bohput to Nathon Pier.


Taxi Apps Koh Samui

Compared to other places in Thailand, Koh Samui doesn’t feature many taxi apps. There is a few choices which include NaviGo and Grab which operate on the island, however Uber and Bolt currently don’t have a presence. This is why we created Koh Samui Taxis online booking system, as this feature allows you to agree a fixed price fare, an emailed receipt and notifications of your upcoming trip.


Hotel transfer Koh Samui

Paradise island is the largest island within Thailand and is home to some of the best hotels, villas and accommodation. This is why many visitors to Thailand make Koh Samui a stop on their journey but also the reason why so many visitors have made Koh Samui their permanent home.

When arriving on the island, the next stop is the accommodation. Getting from Nathon Pier or Koh Samui Airport to your hotel needs to be the easiest transfer as many visitors have had long-haul flights from all over the world. At Koh Samui Taxis, there is two simple ways to book your transfer. For an instant booking, you can speak directly to our booking manager on the island who will be able to arrange your pickup. Alternatively, you could book in advance via the online booking system so you can arrive on the island and travel to your accommodation in style.


Depending on the length of your trip, number of people or what your itinerary includes, Koh Samui Taxi’s have you covered. Whether it’s a one way trip in a Koh Samui Taxi or a private island tour in one of our vans. Speak to one of our booking managers so we can deal with the bookings and you can enjoy the journey.


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