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Arriving in Koh Samui via Nathon Pier

Arriving or departing into Nathon Pier via ferry or speedboat is an experience not to forget. The most popular pier in Koh Samui is always vibrant, full of character and popular with all tourists and locals.


Arriving at Nathon Pier: A Warm Koh Samui Welcome

The moment you step foot on Nathon Pier, you'll be embraced by the warm hospitality that Thailand is renowned for. Nathon Pier serves as the main port of entry for travelers arriving by ferry from the mainland, particularly from Surat Thani, Don Sak, and other neighboring islands. The journey to Koh Samui by sea is an experience in itself, as the ferry ride allows you to witness breathtaking coastal vistas and the turquoise waters of the Gulf. Once you disembark, you'll find yourself in the heart of Nathon town, the capital of Koh Samui. The town exudes a quaint charm with its traditional wooden shop-houses, local markets, and friendly locals. Nathon Pier's location in the town center makes it a convenient starting point to explore the island's offerings.


Departures from Nathon Pier: A Fond Farewell

When it's time to bid farewell to Koh Samui, Nathon Pier will once again be your point of departure. The pier's vibrancy is infectious, and even as you leave, you'll carry cherished memories of the island's beauty and the warmth of its people.

Whether you're leaving Thailand for good, or visiting another place in Thailand such as Krabi or the Phi Phi Islands, Nathon Pier is a must use to connect you back to the mainland.


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